Sound Design

My interest in sound design and soundscape theory started very early during my study of audio engineering. I wrote dissertations about this topic and I contributed with sound design to videogames by students.
Here are some soundscapes I recorded and worked on for an unreleased video game:

Here are some more examples from my library:

Film Mixing

I offer film mixing in stereo only in my own studio. As soon as my studio is expanding, I'm able to do film mixing in surround and 3D-audio.
I have huge knowledge in theory and practice in mixing for film. I have worked on different projects during an internship at a local studio, even for projects in wavefield synthesis. I've written my honours thesis about recording a symphonic orchestra in 7.1 surround and 3D-audio.

Music Production

I'm a passionate musician. I played in more than 5 bands as a guitarist and bass player.
Right now I'm working on a new music project.
I'm very interested in mixing music in surround and 3D-audio, but I do not have the technology to do this yet. I want to focus on film mixing and sound design first, therefore I can only offer mixing music in stereo and do some additional production on it. I'm able to contribute with sound design and atmospheric tracks. Added to that, I'm able to records bass guitar in my studio.

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