I started working on sound for moving pictures in 2015. My first participation was on a documentary film. During my Audio Engineering Diploma Program at SAE Institute I developed essential technical skills for working as an Audio Engineer.
I still visit further training in form of special lectures. For example I took part in discussions with well-known music producers from Hamburg and a special evening with Ben Burtt.
I gained business skills not only in my Bachelor Program, but also during high-school, where I was involved in running a small company by young students.

I am ambitious and a teamplayer. I was active as a representator for the young people in my town and as a technican for live events at a local youth centre - both in together with other young people in a team. Over the past I was active in five bands playing different styles of music. Music and sound are my passion. I contributed to more then 10 projects now. Some of them are listed here under Recent Projects.

After achieving my 'Bachelor of Science in Audio Production (Hons.), First class', I decided to extend my working experience in several internships at a sound studio, music label and as a video editor.

Patrick Boettcher

Patrick Böttcher

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